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What We Do

GoldenEd is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes to work with underserved schools in the sixteen regions of the Republic of Ghana in the subregion of West Africa. We provide underprivileged children in the rural communities 0f Ghana with access to learning materials, classroom supplies and athletic equipment.

Our Mission

GoldenEd was founded to provide children from primary to junior high schools in the sixteen regions in Ghana educational tools and athletic equipment. Our mission is to enhance the learning environment for marginalized children in deprived communities in Ghana at the basic education level.

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When a community gets access to education, it can change just about everything. Lets Change the world together.

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Those who need education the most ARE children living in poverty AND they are the least likely to attend and complete school.
% of total government expenditure on education
children of primary school age are still not enrolled in primary school
Students in Ghana score 307 on a scale where 625 represents advanced attainment and 300 represents minimum attainment.
21% of Ghana's population aged 15 and above is illiterate

Help us continue to reach more children with education in rural areas in Ghana

With your generosity we are able to provide underprivileged children in Ghana with an education, help them stay off the streets, end their hardship and give them a chance to make a difference in their communities.