Another successful GoldenEd donation


Another successful GoldenEd donation

During the month of October, GoldenEd’s founding member, George Amo was very busy.  He travelled to our partner schools to distribute GoldenEd logo notebooks and pencils.  He also distributed soccer balls, T-shirts, pens, cooking oil and rice.  The schools were delighted to accept the donations and George was a very welcome sight distributing the goods. The students were thrilled to receive their own  notebooks and pencils with the GoldenEd logo.   George went to each of the schools and met students in their classrooms to distribute the notebooks and pencils.  The schools that were beneficiaries include:   Great Andoh International School, Royal Siege Montessori, Sporting Club Accra, Rich Hills Montessori, Nsuogaso D/A Primary, and Medie International School.

GoldenEd thanks everyone that made it possible to participate in such a heartfelt distribution. 

For more information on GoldenEd and the work it is doing, as well as our future plans contact Mr. Daniel Amo at or (203)-339-2704.

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