Another Successful GoldenEd Distribution


Another Successful GoldenEd Distribution

In March 2020 two GoldenEd boxes loaded with donations left Fairfield CT bound for a shipping company in New York City. From NYC they would be shipped to Accra, Ghana.  Due to the pandemic the shipping company could not make the trip as expeditiously as they have in the past. Upon arriving in Ghana it took a couple of months to clear customs and then be delivered to the GoldenEd storage facility.

When the boxes arrive in our Accra facility they are opened and the contents are readied for distribution to our partner schools. One of the boxes contained athletic equipment.  This equipment consisted of soccer cleats, soccer balls, jerseys, shorts and shoes. The other box contained school supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, crayons and also hundreds of take out containers for students to use to carry their lunches to school.

It is always exciting when the boxes arrive from the United States.  GoldenEd’s mission is to provide necessary school supplies and athletic equipment to underprivileged schools in various regions of Ghana.  Since 2020 was such a challenging year for everyone it was even more exciting that GoldenEd could provide two full boxes of materials for our schools.

The first wave of distribution consisted of the GoldenEd Ghanaian team heading to our five partner schools in Afram Plains South in early February.  It took two full days to complete the trip and distribute the supplies and equipment.  Next up were our two partner schools in greater Accra.  These schools were visited on February 22, 2021.    By the end of February all the contents of the two boxes were in the schools and the soccer balls were enthusiastically being passed around in the schoolyards.

GoldenEd thanks all of our volunteers, distribution teams both in the USA and Ghana as well as everyone who donated equipment, supplies and money.  Without the generosity of everyone involved GoldenEd could not continue to thrive and provide these items to our partner schools.  2020 proved to be a challenging year for everyone and GoldenEd is looking forward to more successful distributions in the upcoming years.  We have exciting ideas for how to work with and encourage our partner schools and we will be sharing pictures and videos in the upcoming months. 

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